What are the ‘in’ trends for men’s clothing this season?

It’s almost summer time so what is the ‘in’ trend this season? As we know clothing brands bring out new lines every few months so we are going to look at some of the best trends this season and what brands have to offer. Let’s get stuck in.


You may have seen more and more people wearing camo clothing or walking around in the green/brown colours such as a Khaki. This is because Camo/Khaki is well and truly in this season. Every brand I have seen so far have brought out some sort of Khaki or Camo line this season. People such as Devote really focused their first release around this. We are going to be stocking Devote very soon and when looking through their stock a lot of it was Khaki, Nude or Camo. But it isn’t just them who are doing this. The more established brands such as Sinners, Sik Silk and Gym King are doing the exact same thing. The good thing with these colours is when it gets hotter (if it ever does in the UK) then these colours are appropriate as they will make the sun bounce off them rather than retain the heat (unless you are wearing dark greens). No matter what you’re doing this summer whether you’re going abroad or staying here in the UK and partying it up, then you can’t go wrong with Khaki or Camo and it will certainly get you noticed.

Sik Silk

Sik Silk are becoming bigger and bigger every month that goes by and they are certainly a brand to be seen wearing in 2017. Everyone is wearing them from Ronaldo and Messi to Drake and Lewis Hamilton. No matter where you come from I am sure you have seen Sik Silk. They are well known and have brought out some killer lines from the Summer. If you want to be noticed and look damn good, then make sure you check out Sik Silk. You can’t go wrong wearing a brand that international superstars are wearing. Yes this brand is a tad more expensive that others but it is sure worth it as it is definitely a brand you want to show off to your friends so make sure it is packed in your suitcase for the summer of 2017.


You know this is the time of year back in 2016 when flowers started appearing on men’s clothing and 2017 is no different. Brands have already started dropping there men’s t-shirts, vest tops and shorts which bear flowers somewhere on them. I have to admit when this was the case in 2016 at first I wasn’t a fan but then I found myself buying more and more clothes that had some sort of flower on them and looking at the lines for 2017 I can see myself doing it again. Brands such as Sik Silk, 11 Degrees and Good for Nothing are the main players when it comes to pulling off some of the killer looks with flowers and I have been very impressed with what they have done this year. Make sure you give it a go and try on a few items which have flowers on as I can guarantee you will find yourself buying them.

There it is some of the ‘in’ trends this season for men’s clothing. Make sure that you check out Crest Kingz to get these styles with FREE UK SHIPPING. I hope you enjoyed reading. Sign up to our newsletter to get notified when I post a new blog.

Thanks for reading.


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