Who are 304 Clothing and why we should be excited about them?

Many people don’t know who 304 Clothing are but you will. They are one of the most talked about brands and are expected to do big things in 2017 but why? Let’s talk about who they are and why we should be excited.

Who are 304 Clothing?

304 Clothing was created by 3 friends out of Apartment 304 while at university. They began by making clothing for themselves as they wanted to have a summer of all summers, but this rapidly progressed to people asking where they got their clothes from and it all spiralled from there. As time went on the brand became more successful and they released more and more products. Fast forward to 2017 where they have now grown massively but..

Why should we be excited about them?

This year alone 304 have never released as many products at once. They have been on the up and are continuing to rise with more and more people recognising them as a established and must have brand. Not only do we stock 304 but even Footasylum & Reem Clothing plus many more are starting to realise the potential. We saw this from the very start and we started our company with just them as our sole brand as we had faith in them to be a success and we weren’t wrong. They sold out quickly and continue to be very popular. 304 are going to continue rising in 2017 and are going to become one of the must have brands. We believe in them and it’s only a matter of time until everyone is talking about 304. Don’t miss out on getting their lines as the sell fast! This seasons must have Fashion Wear!

Grab your 304 Clothing with Crest Kingz and get Free UK Shipping.


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