Why did I decide to launch Crest Kingz?


At the beginning of January 2017, I a 21 year old guy, decided to embark on a journey to create an online clothing store which would make shopping easier for everyone. Now why did I decide to create Crest Kingz and go up against retail giants such as Footasylum, ASOS and JD?

Over the festive period I was fed up of having to shop at multiple places to get all of the clothes I wanted, along with paying multiple delivery charges so companies can make as much profit as they can. It was at this point I decided to do something about it. I thought I would try to create the perfect online store where I would like to shop. I set out to add as many brands & products as possible to my store to ensure that customers who visit us can find everything they need. The first thing I knew I was doing was to GET RID of the DELIVERY CHARGES that all companies charge and offer FREE SHIPPING no matter your order. I then set out to make my vision a reality. I have done every single aspect of creating Crest Kingz myself, including both the website and the logo. This was a long slug, as I was working around my job which took up 50 hours of my week. This meant I had a lot of sleepless nights, but finally I completed it and I was ready to launch.

Yes it seems like a very big goal to achieve but every day I am trying to add more and more brands to the website. It is difficult to do with a limited budget but I am motivated to succeed and ensure that this not only works but becomes one of the most successful online retail stores out there. I have only been open 2 weeks now but I have had multiple orders to give me a taste of what this can become.

I ensure that as a company I listen to my customers, I listen to what they want and what they want to see on my website. I pride myself on being a personable company. Everything is done by me and I make sure it is all of a high quality. I cut out the corporate company feel and replace it with a feel of being looked after. I am on hand 24/7 so you can ensure that orders will be sent the same day, emails replied to the same day and refunds processed as soon as they arrive. I hope that you all can come on this journey with me and be with me every step of the way.


Why shop elsewhere when everything you need is here?



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